Banana Pancakes

Who knew three ingredients would make such delicious pancakes. Banana pancakes are super simple and easy to make.
I often add cinnamon or/and vanilla powder to make them even more delicious.
These pancakes are great for someone like me that has a sweet tooth, I often make these when I am craving something sweet in the afternoon.

Banana Pancake Recipe Illustration


This recipe can make two large pancakes or 4-5 small pancakes.


1 Egg

1 medium Banana (The riper the banana, the sweeter the pancakes)

40 grams / 1,5 oz. Oats (I grind the oats in a blender when I make the pancakes for my son)

Cinnamon to taste (maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon)

Vanilla extract or powder to taste

Method 1:

    1. In a bowl, mash the banana with a fork (I don’t mash my banana a lot, I love having small banana bits in my pancakes)
    2. Add the egg and oats.
    3. Add cinnamon or/and vanilla (optional)
    4. Stir.
    5. Heat a pan to medium-hot heat, I grease my pan with butter or coconut oil.
    6. Place the batter on the pan in circles in your preferred size, I use a spoon to create my preferred pancake shape and distribute the batter so they are not too thick.
    7. Bake until golden brown on each side.

Method 2:

When I am in a hurry I use my Babycook (food processor/blender) to make the batter.
I add all the ingredients to my Babycook and blend.
Then I just pour the batter straight from the Babycook bowl to the greased pan.
With this method the batter is much smoother.